Learn to film and edit videos on your smartphone

Shoot and edit professional looking video using  your iPhone.


If you have a smartphone, you have all you need to film and edit a quality video that delivers your message. You just need to learn how.


Not all videos are created equal. Make yours stand out and your story heard. And yes, you can shoot and edit it all on your iPhone.

We are inundated with video. By 2019, 80% of web traffic is going to go to a video. It's not about creating a video anymore. It's about standing out amongst ALL those videos.

It might seem like the solution is to spend more money for better gear for a higher quality video. Sure, that helps a little but it's not the most effective way. I'll tell you a secret, you can even do it with your smartphone.

Hi, I'm Cielo. I’m one of those “Shot on iPhone” Apple billboard photographers and filmmakers and I can help you stand out and create impactful storytelling videos.

“Thanks for this awesome tutorial! Very clear, easy to follow explanations of editing and producing a video.”

— Toeffler NieMuth



"Wow great class Cielo. I didn’t know you could do so much on an iPhone!"

- Chris Oh


Free iPhone video guides:

I created these so that you can quickly get started and see for yourself that it doesn't take much.


iPhone Video Resource Kit

This 8-page PDF shows you the few tools you need to get started creating videos.  It also comes with a checklist to go through before you film. 


Craft Your Powerful Story on Video

Most often, what makes a great video is the story that it tells. Learn what makes for an impactful story with this breakdown of story structure. Then craft your own using the downloadable worksheet.