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Cielo de la Paz
Award-Winning Photographer, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Instructor and Speaker.

I believe that storytelling is what connects us. Once we know your story, we are more likely to trust you, feel connected to you, and absolutely do business with you. That's why I teach iPhone videography- to remove the technical hurdle of video creation so that you can focus on telling your story.

With my Smartphone videography and filmmaking courses and iPhone Video Toolkit Guide, I have helped thousands of bloggers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and non-profit organizations, tell their stories – using nothing but their smartphones.

I currently teach courses on iPhone videography at Stanford, private firms and at conference workshops.

I'm known for my work that's been featured in the Apple Shot on iPhone billboard and TV ad campaigns and have been featured in Business Insider, USA Today, Cult of Mac, and Buzzfeed.  My work has been awarded the Gold Cannes Lions Award, as well as honors from Mobile Photography Awards and iPhone Photography Awards.


Upcoming Speaking & Teaching Engagements:


Previous engagements:

MojoFest Conference Speaker, Galway Ireland - May 2018

Stanford Winter Course Instructor - iPhone Filmmaking (Jan 2018)

Bloggy Conference Speaker, Cedar Points (Sept 2017)

BizVlogSummit Speaker, Las Vegas (Aug 2017)



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