Three Reasons to Tell YOUR Story

Have you ever wondered if your story matters? Maybe your story will change the world, or maybe it will simply help inspire somebody else with their personal story. You will find as you share your story that you will inspire others with their stories, you will help those you love, present and future, get to know you better, and you will be able to more fully process your own story.


Inspire Others


You never know who may be fighting a similar fight or walking a similar path as you. As people share their stories they give others permission to share their own stories. They give others permission to fail and succeed. There may be a large number of people inspired and changed by your story or only a handful that can relate. Either way you are changing the way people view and deal with their own stories.


Share with those you Love


Telling your story makes it easy to share it with those you love. It is often people in our own family that are influenced the most by our stories because they are emotionally invested in our lives. Documenting your story also means that your children and grandchildren will be able to know you on a more personal level. They will know what you were like before you were “Mom” or “Grandma.” They will understand that you were once like them.


Understanding your Own Story


Sometimes we need to tell our story just to fully understand it. The process of telling and documenting a story can help you to work through the good and the bad feelings that come with every story. Sometimes you don’t even know what you are feeling until you put it into words or find just the right music to speak to your deepest thoughts and feelings. Understanding our own stories helps us to learn from our trials and triumphs. It allows us to move forward more boldly and confidently.


We all have stories that need to be told. We all have stories that can help inspire others. We all have stories that will help our loved ones understand us on a more personal level. We all have stories that we can use in our own life to know how to move on and improve our next story. Storytelling gives us power in our own lives and to help bless the lives of others.

Annalise Gardner