Five Reasons to Film with Your iPhone

1.     Convenience

So often the best moments to film are those that are right in the moment. We don’t have time to go get a lot of gear and set up. We need to catch the perfect moment in the moment. It’s so hard to recreate them. We can do this so much more easily if we use what we already have with us. Learn to use the tool that you always have with you so you can capture the moments as they come.

2.     Cost

When you use your iPhone as your camera then the most expensive part of all the gear is something you already own. Buying a great camera for film can be very costly, but even with getting a few extra accessories with your iPhone is very low cost. Why spend all that money if you don’t need to!

3.     Quality

A lot of people’s concern with using their iPhone to film is that they won’t get the same quality. In reality, iPhone films can be HD and even 4K. This is more than enough for most people. You don’t need all of the fancy equipment to have a beautiful and quality video.

4.     All in One

When it comes to using an iPhone it’s a one stop shop. You can do all of your filming and editing on your iPhone. This allows you to make videos more quickly and without having the make it a big process. Keeping it all in one place saves you time and money.

5.     User Friendly

There is a steep learning curve for all of the fancy filming equipment. When you use your iPhone you will be using some apps that you are already familiar with. This means all you need to do it learn how to use them more efficiently. This is much easier to do then learning everything from scratch.

Annalise Gardner