Which app to use for editing video on your iPhone 7?

I used to go between 3 different apps on my iPhone in order to edit video on my iPhone. Finally, I no longer need to do this after finding this ONE app that does it all. It has since become my favorite, especially since it rolled out the B-Roll feature. 

If you don't feel like watching the video, let me just tell you which apps I use to use and which one is my favorite now.

The apps:


Adobe Clip


And the app that I now use is called Videoshop. It's my absolute favorite because you can do everything using this app such as:

- Trim your footage
- Add layers of music (more than 1!)
- Allows for voice over
- Adds transitions
- Add full page titles
- Add overlay titles over your video
- Tweak exposure, shadows, highlights and saturation

And finally, the grand daddy of features that NONE of the others have:


If you don't know what b-roll is and WHY it is such a big deal, you should definitely watch the video above because I show you what it is and how to use it in Videoshop.

Here's to even more amazingly efficient editing on your iPhone!