Weekly Clips: Casey Neistat, iPhone 7 and a Moment Lens film

Let's start this week's picks with a video that was shot on iPhone 7! This one is a travel video. Pay attention to the variety of shots in the video. If it were just all wide shots it wouldn't have been as interesting. This video makes good use of shot variety and shot SPEED variety.

Shot on iPhone 7 / 1:58 min.

A beautiful short film with a powerful message all shot on an iPhone 6s. This is a great example that it doesn't take a lot of fancy gear to create great content.

Life Lessons / 2:00m

And last but not least is vlogger Casey Neistat's guide to filmmaking. If you're not familiar with Casey Neistat you need to get familiar with him fast! His vlogs pretty addicting. Where he shines and other vloggers don't is exactly what he talks about in this video. (Hint - it's not about the gear!)

Casey Neistat's Guide to Filmmaking / 7:25 m

Let me know what you think of these and if they've inspired you to start creating your own videos!