Use the Apple Airpods as bluetooth wireless microphones for video with the iPhone!

I was right! You CAN use the Apple Airpods as a bluetooth wireless microphone for your iPhone videos!

You don't understand how excited I was to find this out when I finally got my hands on a pair of Apple Airpods.

The hardest part was having to wait 6 weeks to get my hands on them. Did I wait 6 weeks? No. I ended up paying another $30 more on EBay so that I didn't have to wait. Was it worth the wait? You be the judge. Watch the video and listen to the audio to judge for yourself whether you think the audio from the Apple Airpods are good enough for you.

Why did I buy these when there are many other wireless mics that can plug into your iPhone? Well, these bluetooth Airpods are the ONLY way I can capture audio when I have my iPhone 7 Plus on the DJI Osmo Gimbal. I've tried using the adapter and plugging in a wireless mic but the DJI Osmo can't handle it. So I've had to borrow someone else's iPhone in order to record audio while using the gimbal. I know, it's such a specific problem.

But the Airpods work well enough as a wireless mic for your iPhone video. And guess what? It doesn't cost you an arm and a leg like the other wireless microphones. The Rode Wireless Lavalier mics that I have cost over $400. The Apple Airpods (if you can wait 6 weeks) cost less than $200. Yes, the quality isn't amazing. If you want high quality audio, definitely go the expensive route. But, if all you're doing is vlogging? These are perfect!

I'm super excited to have these and will be vlogging with my iPhone much more! They're super low key and don't bring attention to me and I'm getting decent audio! (Definitely better than just using the mic on iPhone.) I equate the sound of these with using your wired earpods. So if you were happy with that audio, you will be happy with these. And now you'll be wireless!

The ONE thing you have to know though is that you can't just use ANY app to record your videos. The Airpods will not work with the native app. So far, from the 3 filming apps I've tested, (Apple Camera app, Filmic Pro and Movie Pro) only Movie Pro will let me use the Apple Airpods as my audio source. So, make sure you have the right app.

I hope that was helpful! If you know anyone that will find this useful definitely share! And don't forget to like the video on Youtube and Subscribe.

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