MoviePro app: Why it's my go to app for filming video on the iPhone

In this video I go over why I like MoviePro versus Filmic Pro when filming video on my iPhone.

Here's the video transcript:

So today I am going to be talking about MoviePro because I have mentioned it in some of my videos and some of you have asked about it. So what is this moviePro and why do I use it for recording videos with my iPhone?

Before I go into it, let me share a little bit of a backstory of why I decided to go to moviePro.  I did go from one app to another app and finally ended up with MoviePro.


So just like you, I started using the native app on the iPhone because that’s where everybody starts. I was absolutely happy with it until I wanted to make more cinematic videos with my iPhone. Why did I switch out of it? Well specifically because of frame rate. I'm not going to go into framerates and why use one over the other but just know that for a more cinematic look, 24 frames per second is the way to go. Unfortunately the native app can't do that so I decided to go look for another app that would allow me to film at 24 frames per second. So for that very specific reason alone I looked for something else and I found Filmic Pro. Why  Filmic Pro? They must have just had really  great at marketing and that's kind of what a lot of people were talking about. It was super popular. In fact, a movie ( I think that's why everybody knew about the app) a movie was made using Filmic Pro and it was featured at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie was called Tangerine and was all filmed using an iPhone 5. So that's why Filmic Pro. I thought, if a whole movie can be filmed using this app well then of course it's what I should use. I was happy with Filmic Pro for the longest time until very recently when they switched their user interface which then made things really clunky for me. So what is it about Filmic Pro that I currently don't like and made me go look for something else? it's the way they set up their controls. Now here is where we go into the controls of MoviePro and why I think it's better for me. If you didn’t know, I'm actually also a user experience designer so maybe I'm a little bit more picky about interfaces and the ease of use of interfaces than most people so this might not be a problem for you but it was a problem for me.

If you're an iPhone vlogger like I am or if you do videos with your iPhone, you probably want to use the selfie camera and go back and forth between the back camera and the front camera. The primary reason why I switched out of Filmic Pro is that it took two taps to go and switch the cameras around versus just one tap that it used to be. So why is that a big deal? Well, when you're filming, all you want to do is, look at your interface, tap on it, and then make it do the thing you want it to do right away. Originally with Filmic Pro, it was fine. It was one tap, then it switched and then you were rolling. But now, they hid the controls in a drawer that pops out from the bottom. So then you have to look around amongst all of these other icons. It requires way too much thinking and fumbling around. I just want to be able to access my controls quickly! That's why I quickly became frustrated with the user interface on Filmic Pro.  I decided to launch MoviePro, and old app that I had for the longest time but never used because I was happy with Filmic Pro. After over a year of not using, I was so happy to discover that it’s actually a very fantastic app! I recommend you get this app! I love it over Filmic Pro. I'm really sorry Filmic Pro! You're great but for me, this user interface works a little bit better. If you haven't tried it definitely try it out.  

The only thing that I know of that Filmic Pro has that MoviePro, currently does not have, is the ability to record in flat mode or log mode. What does that mean? So if you are into color grading your videos and adding themes and filters and then you probably know what recording flat is and you probably care about that.  To everyone else who doesn’t know, recording “flat” means your contrast is really low so that in post-processing when editing your videos, you can add back in all kinds of color ranges. For me it's not that important because I'm usually just recording a vlog. But if I were to film a whole movie and I did want to put some artistic you flair into it then I might care about log. That's the one thing that Filmic Pro has.  Other than that I'm super happy with Movie Pro.

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