What app to record video with on your iPhone

Have you been wondering what app to use on your iPhone to record your video? I've gone back and forth back and forth because the apps keep updating, disappearing, updating and I've finally arrived on an app that does pretty much everything I want it to. Watch the video to see which app it is!


Video Transcript:

Hi, everyone, Cielo here. So today I am going to talk to you about my new...I know I always have a favorite but this is the APP that I have been using lately to record my videos on my iPhone. So if you want to know what that is and why I choose to use it now, definitely stay tuned. And yes, I am going to talk about Airpods because this app works with the Apple Airpods if you want to use Airpods as a mic. So let me talk about that right now. So, first of all, I know it's been awhile since I've posted. There's just been...ok excuses. I know, but there were a lot of things that happened and my mom got mugged, we were in the hospital, she had surgery, the holidays happened and so on. So life really kind of got in the way of me creating these videos, but I do appreciate everybody that has been leaving comments and asking questions. 

I try to respond to them as much as possible. So thanks for hanging in there and continuing to watch these videos. So, let me just do a really quick recap if any of you have seen the other video that I did about the Airpods. I was talking about using MoviePro with them because it was the only app that would let you use Bluetooth microphones. So that was one of the main reasons. Anyhow, so forget about that video now because I have an update. This is my latest recommendation in terms of my favorite app to use when recording videos with my iPhone. So it is FilmicPro and here are some of the reasons why I am back to using it again. 

So one of the reasons why I'm using FilmicPro again is because it does work with Bluetooth mics now. So that means it works with Airpods.  So that's really super cool. Now I can put on my Airpods and I can use it as mic. I think I said before in my other video about the Airpods is that it's not a great mic to use if you are trying to produce a professional videos because it does sound a little bit tin-can-y, but in a pinch and in a simple vlog that you're just going to put up on Youtube, I think is totally OK and it's definitely usable. Now later on in this video, I'm going to do that distance test that everybody's been asking for. How far can you go with the Airpods and also what does it sound like outside? Because the tests that I did in the previous video was just indoors, so stay tuned for that segment a little bit later on in the video. 

One of the other reasons why I like FilmicPro again also is because with their new release for the iPhone X, they've taken advantage of the screen real estate and they've added an audio monitoring on the side, so now I can see if my mic is working and I don't know have to check and then turn it off and check. Anyway. Now it is great because I can see that my mic is working and the sound quality is good. 

So one of the other reasons why I like using FilmicPro now is because you can record in flat mode. OK, so this is not a new feature. In fact, you have been able to record in flat or log mode for a while now, but I've only been able to take advantage of it recently because the app that I use to edit on my iPhone, let's me apply luts, or presets, to footage that I record in log mode. Let me just explain that really quickly for those that don't know what that means. So recording and flat or in log mode, (and I'll show you  sample footage in just a little bit so you can see the difference in what that looks like. )  

But recording in log mode basically means that you have a really flat low contrast footage. So you're recording with your contrast really low and your brights really flat, as well as your darks.  You want to do that because in post, you can apply a preset. It's just like adding filters on Instagram. Except in this case, it's for video. And you want to record a low contrast video so that when you add the filter, it doesn't look oversaturated. 

OK. So before we go on, let me show you my whole distance test that I did with Airpods so you can see how far you can go with the Airpods. And then you can hear what the quality is like when you are far away and what it sounds like outdoors, like a lot of you've been asking. So let's take a look right now so we can do a comparison right now. 

I just use the regular mic- the front mic on the iPhone X. So this is what it sounds like with just no extra external microphone, just the plain mic by itself on iPhone. So let me step back a little bit so you can see the difference. This is probably a good distance for you to be from your iPhone if you are not going to use a mic because you can't hear me if I go any further than this. 

I think it's even better if you're about this far away from your iPhone because the mic can still pick up what you're saying. If I go any further than that, you won't be able to hear what I'm saying. So this is what it sounds like without any kind of mic attached at all. OK. So now I have the Airpods on and I can tell through the audio monitoring that it's working, so I know that it's on and in fact, I only need one so let me take the other one out. So I just have one on right now and when I'm gonna do is I'm going to walk quite a bit away to see how far I can go and then you can see what the sound quality is like. So let me go and do that walk right now. When you do use the Airpods with any of the apps, what you have to do is turn the volume down or put it on mute so that you're not hearing yourself talking, which is really disorienting. OK. So I'm going to walk over there now and then you can see how far I can go with just the Airpods. 

OK. So this is how far I am right now. I don't see why you need further than this from your phone when you're recording. It's actually kind of pointless if you're going to be this far because you can't even see me or see the person. So I'm gonna walk close now and then you can see that pretty much stays consistent if it wasn't cutting off that is. And so now I'm coming back and I'm about this far now and you can now probably really hear me really well now or you could hear me really well before. OK, so that was our audio test. And now you do the comparison of what you think of this audio compared to just the plain mic on the iPhone. And you be the judge of whether you think it's good or not and whether you want to use it 

Regularly I update this guide that I'd made about the different resources and apps and different gear and mics that I like to use with my iPhone to make these videos and I actually just recently updated it. I updated it with the microphones that work with the new iPhone 8s and tens (X) and iPhone 7s. (Basically those without the headphone Jack.) So if you want to go ahead and download that, it has been updated and it has all the latest apps that I use as well. So that is definitely going to be useful for you, especially if you're just starting out. So I hope that was helpful. If you like that, definitely give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more, definitely subscribed because now in 2018 I am going to be really killing it with these videos and really putting out much more content than ever before. Until next time, make those videos because your audience is waiting.

Cielo de la Paz