Simple (iPhone) Facebook Video Ads: $0.83 Leads in Her First Ever Campaign

In the podcast episode linked below by, "In the Art of Paid Traffic," you’ll hear how I started offering my course on a third-party site and that now I teach it at conferences, workshops and to large organizations. At the moment I still have a part-time job, but you’ll hear my big plans over the next few months to transition to doing just my own business.

I share how my lead magnet quickly grew my email list and how I was able to get 83 cent leads to primarily cold traffic. I talk about how I used only one ad set and really went for it with my initial Facebook campaign…

I don't just teach the tech behind shooting videos on iPhones, but how to maximize and optimize those videos so that you can get the best results for your business. I do offer an amazing freebie though with all the helpful tools and resources to get you started shooting video on your iPhone, and I shared a lot of these tools in this episode.