Stop Advertising and Start Storytelling

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide an incredible marketing opportunity for real estate agents, yet most of us treat social media forums like the modern-day classifieds, posting ads for our businesses rather than making an effort to connect with people on a personal level. If you really want to leverage social platforms as a conversion tool, the key is to stop advertising and start storytelling. And we all have the necessary tools to tell stories through video—with the camera on our phones.

In this episode of "Real Estate Marketing Dude," I discuss the art of incorporating storytelling into video. I walk you through the structure of a story, explaining why people are more likely to remember stories over data. I discuss the value of authenticity on social media, how often you should be posting on different platforms, and why the length of a video depends on its content. Click the link below for my insight on the best tools to use to record and edit smartphone video and learn why consistency is more important than perfection!

Annalise Gardner