Why You Should Do Project 52

New Year New Project!

If you haven’t heard of Project 52 - it’s a year long project of taking a photo or video each week for the entire year. In this case, I’m talking about a video a week.

It may sound a little crazy.

But trust me, it’s not as crazy as Project 365.

You may be wondering, why anyone would do such a thing? As a veteran Project365er (3 completed years in a row!), I can tell you that there is huge power behind doing something consistenty for an entire year. Here are some of the benefits:

Do something often enough, you’ll get good at it. Wanna get better and faster at making videos? Make one every week.

Your style emerges. When you have a huge body of work you’ll see your very own unique style. You’ll go past the part where you emulate and emerge on the other end with your own unique style that you never knew.

If you are part of a community of Project52ers, you’ll make some great friends. There’s just something about going through hard times with people. And it DOES get hard. By your 7th you’ll probably want to give up. But you won’t. Because your community WILL.NOT.LET.YOU.

You’ll come out with some of your best work! I promise.

You may even get some clients out of it. Make sure to share your work and let everyone know there’s another one coming up each week. Until 2020 of course.

Convinced you? Would love to see you take up this challenge. Post on the socials and tag @TheStoryographist!