Moment's App Update Turns It Into A Serious Competitor

You might have missed it with all the holiday shopping and madness that happened the past few weeks but Moment updated their iOS and Android apps to include some serious filmmaking features.

The app has most of the features that any mobile filmmaker would need to create quality content such as control over ISO, focus, shutter speed, resolution and framerate. It also has a FLAT and LOG mode which allow you to capture more dynamic range. (For all the LOG/FLAT enthusiasts out there - yes, there’s been question whether it’s a true LOG. But more on that in another post.) And it even has a de-squeezer for footage captured with their anamorphic lens.

It’s no secret that here at The Storyographist, our favorite filming app has been good old Filmic Pro because hey, if it’s good enough for Steven Soderbergh, it’s good enough for us.

So is Moment’s app able to compete with Filmic Pro and all of it’s features?

The only way to really know is to do a full-on side by side comparison. Look out for a video comparison coming soon! Until then, here’s a screenshot of the app interface.


To download the Moment App:

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