Where to find music for your videos and how to get them on your iPhone


Some of the questions I get a lot in my classes are related to music. “Where can I find music for my videos?” and “How do I add music to my videos when editing on my iPhone?” are the two questions that come up often.

So first let me go over where to get music.

But I can't talk about where to get music until I quickly go over the legalities of music and copyright. I am not a legal expert but I know enough to stay out of trouble. So here are a few things you should know about which kinds of music you can include in your videos. I definitely don't want you to make the same mistakes that I did when I was first starting out. (If you are really interested in the specifics of copyright laws you can go check it out at Creative Commons.)

Fully copyrighted music - Don't use.
I know those songs by your favorite artist are always the perfect songs to use for your videos but unfortunately these songs are protected by the artist's copyright. If you plan to share your videos with the public, you cannot use these songs. Even if you ignore this rule and try to upload to social media, your video will be blocked. And if you do it enough times, your account may even be suspended and taken down. Best to stay clear of these songs!

Royalty Free and Creative Commons
And then there’s all that gray area and this is where it can get tricky. Royalty-free doesn’t mean. It just means that you can pay for the song once and then use as many times as you want without having to pay per use. So that sounds simple, but sometimes there are rules that apply to that music that falls under the Creative Commons License. Creative Commons comes in all shapes and sizes. You can sometimes use the music but have to give attribution (Creative Commons Attribution) or use but not use commercially (Creative Commons Non-Commercial) and many other combinations. You really have to look at the fine print. 

Copyright Free
And then there’s the completely copyright free. This kind of music is free for any and all to use and you can modify and do whatever you like with these. Often this is the best route to go but it can be hard to find music that is completely copyright free.

So now I can tell you about where to get your music from now that you know the types of licenses and use out there.

Lucky for you, I’ve put together a guide that points you to several resources for both Royalty Free and Copyright Free music. Go and download it here. 


But in a nutshell, here are 3 popular sources for music:

COPYRIGHT-FREE: YouTube Audio Library
YouTube has an audio library. The selection is ok. It’s not bad. You CAN monetize and use and not even have to credit the artist. But here are a couple of things about free as we all know,
1) It’s limited in choices. Meaning you won’t exactly find the best fitting songs and the ability to search for the right song is slightly tedious.
2) Well, if you use the library enough like I do, you’ll start recognizing the songs in EVERYONE’s videos. 😛 Which isn’t horrible. But know that your video won't be that unique snowflake. It’s ok, snowflakes are overrated. 

FREE ROYALTY-FREE: Free Music Archive
Free Music Archive has a great selection of music. It can get a little tricky though because the licensing rights can differ from song to song. The best way to use the site is to search by license type.

So there’s the OTHER path. Yes, the paid path. Which I have recently upgraded to because I’ve been creating these video essays with my iPhone/iPad where adding cool sound effects and different kinds of music take it to a whole other level! (So a quick disclaimer that this part is sponsored, BUT I would never recommend anything that I don’t use myself.) You can try it out for free for 7 days and download as many songs as you want and keep the songs. You can cancel your membership anytime. You can sign up and try it out here. 

And now, to see a step by step of how to add any music you download from the internet, onto your iPhone, watch the video above. (Watch at about the 5 min mark.)

Now there you go. There is absolutely no reason for you now, not to have some great music in your videos!

Cielo de la Paz