Learn to film and edit videos on your smartphone

Which one do you want to create?

1 tweak and 20 minutes of editing is all it took to raise the quality of the first video. (All done on my iPhone of course.) Imagine if I did even more!

If you're fine with video 1, then there's no need to take a course. But if you want to stand out and not just be another talking head then you're in the right place.


Course: Storytelling iPhone Videos for Social Media 

- The basics of shooting & editing video with your iPhone
- Learn different types of videos to create
- Techniques and templates for making videos even faster so you can consistently connect with your audience
- Learn to use storytelling to make 'em feel like they know you!
- Learn the tactics social media experts use to get more engagement on your video posts
- Cheat sheets, scripts, formats to follow, my own scripts and outlines, step-by-step how-tos.


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