Learn to film and edit videos on your smartphone

The beginner’s resource for shooting and editing quality video on your iPhone.

An iPhone Video Toolkit.

I often get asked about what tools you need to get started creating video. The iPhone is absolutely the gateway to the wonderful world of video so I always always recommend starting there until you outgrow it. I like to think of it as something like the cruiser bike. You want to get from point A to B and do it as easily and comfortably as possible. If you want to specialize, you get the mountain bike or the road bike. But some people are just happy with the cruiser bike. That’s the iPhone for video.


Ultimate Guide: Crafting Your Powerful Story

Everyone keeps talking about how storytelling will save the day for your business.
“Tell your story in your marketing!”
“Stories will connect you with your audience!”
“Tell your story to be memorable!”
“Tell stories to make them care!”

That’s great. But no one really tells you how to do that. You agree that stories can connect, make you memorable and make your audience care. And you do want to tell your story. But you’re no novelist. How on earth do you tell stories that will actually do all of that?


Ultimate Guide to Resources for Music and Audio For Your Video

I believe that music is a huge contributor to the mood and emotion behind a scene. But often the hardest thing to get is music we can use legally in our videos. Check out this guide for a list of sources for free and paid music for your videos.