Create Professional Videos Using Your iPhone

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Shoot and Edit Pro iPhone Videos is the step-by-step training course that will show you exactly how to create compelling storytelling videos on your iPhone.

Here’s Exactly How the Course Works:

As soon as you join the course, you’ll get a series of video lessons, checklists, handouts, and assignments that will teach you exactly how to create your own iPhone videos.

  • This program will give you practical advice you can implement immediately, and I’ve broken all of the lessons down into small, manageable chunks.

  • You get lifetime access to the course, and you can go through the lessons at your own pace. You’ll never get overwhelmed or feel like you’re falling behind, and you can refer back to the lessons any time you want.

  • I’ll update the course content as iPhone technology changes, and you’ll always get those updates for free.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To shoot and edit polished and professional videos on your iPhone, you are going to need a little bit of extra gear that is NOT included in the price of this course. The bare minimum to get started is an editing application for your phone ($20) and an affordable microphone ($20), for a total of $40.

Module #1:


Getting Started: The Stuff You’ll Need to Do Before You Hit “Record”

  • Understand the essential gear and apps you’ll need, so you can start creating great videos as soon as possible (Spoiler alert: The bare minimum is an editing app for your phone, and a basic can get both for $40).

  • Find out exactly where to purchase your gear and apps, using my easy reference list.

  • Get everything set up to start filming (in your studio, and when you’re out and about), so you can have a problem-free shooting experience and be able to get the footage you need.

  • Learn about upgrades and add-ons (like tripods, lighting, and lenses) you can buy later, when you want to expand your video creation efforts.


Module #2:


How to Film Using Your iPhone

  • Shoot videos using your simple, easy-to-use iPhone camera app. This is the PERFECT way for beginners to get started, because you’re probably already using this built-in app on your phone.

  • How to set your exposure and adjust your resolution settings when you’re filming using your iPhone camera app, so your videos look great, every single time.

  • Capture footage using an advanced filming app, a $15 advanced app that gives you more control when you’re shooting, and lets you customize your videos in all kinds of creative ways.

  • Learn the settings for your videos so you can start customizing your videos as you’re filming.


Module #3:


What to Film

Use a variety of different video shots to keep your audience’s attention and create visually rich videos.

  • Harness the power of storytelling to entertain your viewers and make your videos memorable.

  • Structure your video’s story to connect with your prospects and build trust.

  • Banish “video creator’s block” for good by getting my list of 20 different types of videos you can create for your business, and 5 script-writing guides to help you plan and record your story.


Module #4:


The Step-by-Step Guide to Editing Videos on Your iPhone

Learn exactly how to edit your videos, so you have a fun, frustration-free experience.

  • Add transitions, titles, images, logos, special fonts, and music to your videos, to give your final product a professional touch.

  • Get music to add to your videos (I give you links to all my favorite copyright-free music sites).

  • Export your videos, so you can use them on your website, on social media or advertising, on YouTube, or in your online courses.


When You Enroll Today, You’ll Also Get:


Bonus #1: A Professional Videographer’s List of Shot Types, Compositions, and Angles

Bust out of the “Talking Head” video rut! This downloadable makes it easy for you to get visually interesting shots and create compelling videos.


Bonus #2: The Guide to Optimizing Your Videos for Social Media

In this set of bonus videos, I’ll share my best tips and tricks for improving your chances of getting comments and shares when you post videos to sites like Facebook and Instagram.


Bonus #3: Bonus Title Template Pack for Your iPhone Videos

As a bonus, I’m giving you ten title templates you can use for your videos (including opening shots, end text, and transitions) and a lesson to show you how to sue them.


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